Accepted paper:

The Practice of Use-And-Dump of Youths in Pre-and Post Elections: Implications for Youth Violence and Governance in Nigeria


Babatunde Omotosho (Federal University Oye-Ekiti)

Paper short abstract:

This article examines youths' inclusion and exclusion before and after elections respectively and implication on violence in Nigeria.

Paper long abstract:

One of the major scenarios in the political landscape of Nigeria and some other parts of Africa is the dimension of youths' inclusion and exclusion before and after election campaigns respectively. The usual norm over the years is that prior to elections, youths are recognized as important for successful election and discarded when elections are over. Thus, promises made by political elites for the youths while engaging them during election are not fulfilled and all the hopes and dreams of these youngsters in living a better life through participatory governance are dashed as politicians move on with their lives having 'used' the youths for their selfish motives. Youths in recent times have, however expressed their disappointments and frustrations through violence and other means. This article takes a critical look at the dimensions of how young ones are often used and dumped within political spaces and implications on violence. The paper makes recommendations on how youths' potentials within the continent can be properly harnessed and developed for the benefits of Nigerian youths and the continent as a whole.

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Youth-led leadership and participation in Africa