Accepted Paper:

Fair and equal: Trying North-South research partnerships  


Stefan Skupien (WZB Berlin Social Science Center)

Paper short abstract:

This paper discusses examples of establishing criteria for equal and fair research partnerships. Starting from the Swiss Commission for Research with Developing Countries (1998), it develops a framework to understand the efforts to counter negative effects in asymmetric relationships.

Paper long abstract:

Research partnerships between North and South have received new attention with the emergence of paradigms such as the knowledge societies or research for development. Large sums have supported collaborative research between mostly unequal partners.

This paper develops a story by drawing from different experiences to define equal and fair research cooperation. It starts with the development of the criteria brought forward by the Swiss Commission for Research with Developing Countries of 1998 and follows several traits to contemporary efforts of different funders in Europe. Such criteria offer concentrated insights into the normative dimensions of research cooperation.

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Global scientific encounters: The quest for sustainable research cooperations