Accepted Paper:

Beyond the HIV Crisis in Kenya  


Emmy Kageha Igonya (University of Amsterdam/APHRC)

Paper short abstract:

By examining the development of HIV crisis though two CBOs and local NGOs, the paper hopes to shade light on the power of HIV crisis and aid (resources) on the development of HIV structures and knowledge.

Paper long abstract:

The Human Immune Virus (HIV) crisis led donors to provide mass financial and material support aimed at stemming the scourge in Kenya. Numerous Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), support groups and expert patients/activists emerged and played a significant role in the HIV intervention plans. Beyond the HIV crisis, there has been a shift in response strategies resulting in a reduction and redirection of resources. This has led to an emergence of new intervention structures or outfits.

Drawing on ethnography of HIV support groups in Kenya, this paper examines the emergence, redundancy, and transformation/resilience of NGOs, CBOs, support groups and experts/activists after HIV crisis. It states that continuity of structures emerging from HIV crisis depended on the vision, innovation, capacity to mobilize resource and networking.

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After the Crisis? Ethnographies of Post-Crisis Situations in Africa