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Accepted Paper:

Re-presenting 'Elmina' at the Elmina Castle Museum in Ghana  
Jacob Nii Marley (University of Ghana)

Paper short abstract:

Museums in Africa are continuously losing relevance to some of the audiences that they seek to serve. Using data from visitor studies and exploring alternative ways of public access, this presentation discusses influential factors of visitation and enjoyment of the Elmina Castle Museum in Ghana.

Paper long abstract:

Elmina is the earliest Trans-Atlantic trade settlement in present day Ghana. However, its history and culture as presented in the Elmina Castle Museum exhibition seems unattractive and inaccessible to a relatively large group of the targeted audience. The presentation explores factors hindering this museum in Ghana from effectively serving its audiences as it was originally established to do. This is approached from an audience-centered perspective which seeks to avoid privileging authoritative views and interests over that of other stakeholders. This presentation discusses the current exhibition at the museum and provides preliminary insights into factors that influence its visitation and enjoyment. It will also attempt to show how digital media innovation can contribute to re-presenting Elmina and its history from an alternative perspective.

Panel Arts16
Rebuilding museums and museologies in Africa
  Session 1 Friday 2 June, 2023, -