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Accepted Paper:

Collaborations in Filmmaking: Gold Matters in Ghana  
Sabine Luning (Leiden University)

Paper short abstract:

The paper discusses collaborative film projects in the Gold Matters project ( which resulted in two short documentaries, situated in northern Ghana and in Tarkwa (southwest). Both portray lives of miners working in-depth terrains also targeted by large-scale mining.

Paper long abstract:

In the Gold Matters project (, collaborations around visualizations of mining worlds have been central (Luning & Pijpers 2022). As part of these collaborations, we produced two mini documentaries in Ghana. The first takes place in northern Ghana and portrays the lives and future aspirations of three members of the mining community of Kejetia (Gbane). The second is situated in the southwestern mining town Tarkwa where narratives of miners and governors help to portray past, present and possible futures of gold mining in this old industrial mining town. Both documentaries show how small-scale mining is organized in articulation (underground) with large-scale mining and how this may create tensions, frustrate futures, but also carve out new opportunities for small-scale miners. In my paper I detail some aspects of the process of collaboration, and I will show one of the two documentaries.

Gold Matters in Kejetia (Gbane, Ghana)

Future Makers

Sabine Luning and Nii Obodai (Research, Script and Interviews)

Gideon Vink (Images and Editing)

Massihoud Barry (Sound)


Gold Matters in Tarkwa (Ghana)

Taking Small-Scale Mining to the Next Level

Sabine Luning (Research, Script and Interviews)

Gideon Vink (Direction and Editing)

Souleymane Drabo (Images)

Massihoud Barry (Sound)



Luning, S. and R.J. Pijpers (2022) Drawing on Words and Images: Co-labour & Visualizing Gold Matters. Anthropology and Photography, Vol. 16.

Panel Anth63
Visualizing mining worlds, envisioning mining futures [CRG- Resource Extraction in Africa]
  Session 1 Wednesday 31 May, 2023, -