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Accepted Paper:

Precarious livelihoods: Understanding the context of cannabis farming and trade in southwestern Nigeria  
Ediomo-Ubong Nelson (Global Drug Policy Observatory, Swansea University, UK) Gernot Klantschnig (University of Bristol) Janet Ogundairo (University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria IFRA-Nigeria)

Paper long abstract:

This paper draws on preliminary findings from a study on the cannabis economy in Nigeria. In-depth interviews and observations were used to gather data from farmers, traders, and consumers in Oyo, Ondo and Lagos states in southwestern Nigeria. Data revealed that the cultivation and distribution of cannabis is a means of livelihood in the context of poverty and limited opportunities in the legal economy. These activities provided income to meet basic needs for many poor people. Some participants even described cannabis as ‘leaf of wealth’ (ewé ọlà), which helped them fulfil their ideas about prosperity.

The participants, however, highlighted the precarious nature of cannabis livelihoods and the persistent threat to illicit livelihoods arising from stigmatization of those engaged in these activities. Another even more potent threat was posed by corrupt law enforcement officers who, taking advantage of the illegal status of cannabis, benefited from these economic activities through exploitation of farmers and sellers.

Overall, social and legal threats did not discourage those engaged in these economic activities. We found that both farmers and sellers had resources set aside for bribing police. They also had alliances with the latter to evade raids. Further, participants’ accounts and observational evidence suggests some normalizing attitudes toward cannabis, which are partly due to the socio-cultural, medicinal and economic benefits of its production, trade and consumption. We argue that cannabis production and trade are driven by livelihood concerns, even though they are of a precarious nature. Effective policies will be those that take these concerns seriously.

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