Accepted paper:

Baltic states in Africa: North-South, South-South or what?


Mante Makauskaite (AfriKo)
Jevgenija Kovaliova (AfriKo)
Lukas Ivanauskas (AfriKo - Africa Research and Consultancy Centre)

Paper short abstract:

Though members of the EU, Baltic states can hardly fall within the North-South aid paradigm, but also does not qualify as South-South cooperation. Through the case of Lithuania, this paper will seek to reflect the position and trends in development cooperation between Baltics and African countries.

Paper long abstract:

In September 2018 Jean-Claude Juncker said: "Africa does not need charity, it needs true and fair partnership. And we, Europeans need this partnership just as much. <..>. I believe we should develop the numerous EU-African trade agreements into a continent-to-continent free trade agreement, as an economic partnership between equals." This quote illustrates both the requests for the fair partnerships that have become louder and louder, and changing international environment in which these requests are presented - European countries now have to compete with such actors as China, Turkey, India, Russia, to name a few, in building their relationships with African countries. The EU, however, is also not a homogeneous group when it comes to engagements with the continent - on the one hand there are former colonial powers or those perceived as traditional donor countries, on the other - Central and East European countries, especially the Baltic states, that have limited historical experience with Africa. The membership in the EU has brought African countries to their attention as well and situated them in a rather unique position - though part of the EU (with implications this membership brings), the Baltic states can be perceived as new actors engaging with Africa, and neither fall within the North-South aid paradigm, nor does qualify as South-South cooperation. Based on the experience of AfriKo - Africa research and consultancy centre established in Lithuania - this paper will seek to reflect the position and trends of Lithuania's development cooperation with African countries.

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Towards new hegemonies? The role of new actors in African development cooperation