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Atinuke Okunade (Adeniran Ogunsanya College Of Education,ijanikin, Lagos, Nigeria)

Paper short abstract:

The Elewe-Omo are the primray health care giver in the traditional Yoruba Society. the emergence of the missionaries subdued this practice. However, this was just for a period, as the practice has risen with high hope of spread beyond the immediate environment.

Paper long abstract:

The emergence of the colonial masters and the missionaries in Africa discouraged some practices which were either considered idolatry or primitive. Prominent among these was the health care system of the Yoruba people of the Southwestern Nigeria.Elewe-Omo were the professionals who could diagnose and prescribe appropriately in the traditional Yoruba society.They acted as midwives to pregnant women in the society. women dominate this filed of practice among the Yoruba people. They were specialist in Community health. This skill/profession was sent to its grave with the ascendancy of western orthodox medicine. With the recent disocurse and discoveries in organic matters as it concerns health issues as against synthetic health facilities, the Elewe-Omo have not only revived the practice, but have also garnered more knowledge in the profession.This paper records the activities in Nigeria, using the Yoruba examples, and the level of support and legislation. it also records stages of inclusion of herbal practice in the curricular of relevant disciplines in Nigerian institutions.

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The arts of dying and reviving institutions of health and well-being