Accepted paper:

Presentation of a special issue of History in Africa: 'Archives, the Digital Turn and Governance in Africa'


Vincent Hiribarren (King's College London)
Fabienne Chamelot (University of Portsmouth)

Paper short abstract:

This paper will present the next issue of History in Africa entitled: 'Archives, the Digital Turn and Governance in Africa' (2020).

Paper long abstract:

This paper will address the wave of digitisation of archives in Africa over the last fifteen years. With the rise of information technologies, an increasing part of public - and to some extent private - African archives are being digitised and made accessible on the internet. This wave of digitisation is usually seen as a progress with the help of ambitious initiatives applying new technologies to cultural heritage of humanity such as the rescue of the manuscripts of Timbuktu or the Endangered Archives programme at the British Library. Yet as much as these new technologies raise enthusiasm, they also prompt discussions amongst researchers and archivists, which go from intellectual property to sovereignty and governance.

panel Pol20
Archives, governance and policy-making on the African continent