Accepted paper:

Combating xenophobia through music in South Africa


Mlungisi Phakathi (University of South Africa)

Paper short abstract:

South Africa has experienced a few epesodes of xenophobic violence directed against Africans from other African countries in the post-apartheid era. This paper discusses the role that music plays in the fight agaisnt xenophobia.

Paper long abstract:

The paper analyses how Maskandi musician, Mthandeni uses song to spread the message against xenophobia in the South African society. The paper discusses some of the causes of xenophobia and xenophobic violence and provides possible solutions to these challenges. The paper identifies negative-name calling as one of the roots of xenophobic attitudes and violence. The paper also discusses the South African government's response to xenophobic violence. It also discusses the impact of xenophobic violence on South Africa's diplomatic effort on the African continent. The paper also discusses the role of traditional leadership in the fight against xenophobia and xenophobic violence in South Africa.

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