Accepted paper:

Homosexual migration in Morocco : an « externalization of the border » of the « sexual democracy »


Marien Gouyon (Angers University)

Paper short abstract:

This proposal aim to understand how internationalization of gay right create borders trough sexuality instead of a fluid migration.

Paper long abstract:

This research is a first step to a larger survey about homosexual migration in north Africa. I made one month field work in Morroco (Rabat) and Spain (Ceuta) in July 2018. I met Cameroonian and Moroccan men aged from 24 to 26 and also agents from UHCR (Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees). Cameroonians were on migration and Morocans were preparing theirs. In fact, the first ones were asylum seekers or refugees. In Morocco, Subsaharan Africans from countries which penalize homosexuality can ask for asylum for sexual orientation and/or gender discriminations through HCR in Rabat. For the record, Morroco also penalizes homosexuality. But the road to HCR is long and most of the time, the results (obtention of refugee status) reducing is not as expected. This situation is paradoxical in many ways. First it spreads Moroccan homosexuals and subsaharan homosexuals into two groups. Subsaharan which can be defended by international institutions implanted in Morocco and Moroccans who are penalized and forced by the state to stay in shadows. No publicity is allowed about subsaharan asking for asylum and the re-installation in countries promoting LGBTQ rights are not so effective. Those procedures create a separation between « good gay immigrants », LGBTQ groups in Africa without giving any solutions to refugees' situations in Morroco. The hypothesis i made is that this phenomenon is an « externalization of asylum procedures and border » of the « sexual democracy » (Fassin, 2006) which is a new form of colonization

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Crossing boundaries, crossing borders: subversion, disruption and LGBTQ migration on the African continent