Micro-art: subversion and rupture in literature, visual and plastic arts

Barbara Fraticelli (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Ludmila Maia (Universidade de São Paulo)
Arts and Culture
Chrystal McMillan, Seminar Room 2
Thursday 13 June, 17:55-19:40

Short abstract:

Micro or Flash-Art represents in Africa a rupture and contains a myriad of expressive possibilites, still unexplored by the traditional criticism. Cinema, theatre, literature and arts turn into genres of wide consumption thanks to the immediacy of the performances and the information technologies.

Long abstract:

Microfiction, Nanophilology, short performances in literature, visual and performing arts (theatre, cinema, dance) are creating a new language in step, on the one hand, with the African cultural tradition (short stories), and on the other, with the technological resources available for an increasingly wide public. The technical and expressive possibilities of short short stories or micropoems, flash-theater, short films, experimental performances in visual and fine arts, are a field to explore, both inside and outside the African continent. The subversion of the traditional artistic canon (the classic length of a novel, a short story, a play, a film, a dance show, or the space extension of works in visual arts) poses new interpretative challenges both for the public and for the criticism. Who are the leading African artists and writers in these new expressive forms? What kind of resources are available to connect with their audiences? What degree of acceptance do those audiences show them? What will be the consequences for the upcoming artistic canon in the continent? This panel encourages contributions focused on these innovative ways of understanding artistic expression in its broadest sense, with special attention to the brevity and immediacy of its message and its inherent disruptive power.