Accepted paper:

The social benefits of oil industry activities in Angola


Aida Pegado (ISCTE)

Paper short abstract:

This communication is about the social responsibilities of oil companies carried out through projects that fulfill the community needs and are in accordance with the aims of the Government.

Paper long abstract:

The oil companies working in Angola have, through Sonangol, a commitment with the Angolan State to collaborate in order to improve the social conditions of local community and the society in general. In this context, the fields normally benefited are: heath, education, woman promotion, agriculture, environment and also malaria. The aim is to complement the Government efforts in these fields. Thus, the social priorities are identified in the capital or in other towns through joint efforts of the oil companies with local authorities. The implementation of the project needs to be approved by the higher entity responsible for the sector. In addition, the authorities should budget for the maintenance and continuity of the project once the social responsibility of the oil companies is over. This introduction leads us to two questions: The 1st. In which level and extend have the hosted communities benefiting from oil industry social activities in Angola; The 2nd What is or are the underlying reasons for the oil industry to provide social services to the Angolans communities.

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Multinational enterprises in Africa: corporate governance, social responsibility and risk management