Accepted paper:

Social responsibility of oil companies and the cooperation board in Mozambique


Sara Ferreira (CEA ISCTE)

Paper short abstract:

The private sector as actor in the new cooperation board, trough actions of social responsibility from the oil companies in Mozambique. Trough field investigation and data cross between the various actors, it will demonstrate the embodiment which the concept acquires to the intervenient.

Paper long abstract:

The intervention of the private sector in sphere of the development is not a new fact, never the less, the mechanics which them introduce in the countries has a new actor of cooperation are recent, leading to the creation of a new cooperation board. Based on the field investigation, which occurred in Mozambique, this paper wants to demonstrate the lathing between the actors in a unique space of cooperation and the meanings that each element gives to the social responsibility concept. It will comprehend changes and agitations that occurred in the country surrounding the recent discovery of natural gas and oil, as well as the show up of multinational enterprises and the new directives of the government. The importance of the analysis of this problematic has it's context in a country that the state's budget depends greatly of foreign help, with one of the lowest human development index in the world, in which the structures of social support lack of efficiency , the social responsibility reach a crucial importance. The way the enterprises use their ethical speech in the country is intrinsically connected, minor some exceptions, to the politics of the state and the contract clauses, making the concept permeable to various meanings and flexible trough the framework of its application. So, minding this, it's made a multidimensional analysis of the phenomena, in the application of the concept in the social collective in which it inserts itself.

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Multinational enterprises in Africa: corporate governance, social responsibility and risk management