Accepted paper:

Extra-territorial and collective security in west Africa: a critical review of the ECOWAS conflict prevention framework (ECPF)


Mashood Omotosho (Obafemi Awolowo University)

Paper short abstract:

ECOWAS, a sub-regional organisation with a primary interest in promoting cooperation and integration through the establishment of an economic union in 1975 now engages in various peacekeeping operations, guaranteeing security and solving economic, socio-political problems in the West Africa.

Paper long abstract:

The West Africa Sub-Region has witnessed series of political disputes and civil wars, with ominous consequences for peace, security and development in the sub-region. With the turn of events in some countries within the sub-region, such as insurgences in Liberia (1989, 1992, 2003), Sierra Leone (1997) Guinea Bisau (2002), Cote d Ivoire (2002) and the deteriorating security situation in the Northern parts of Mali and Niger and its adverse consequences on the security of the neighbouring countries, prompted ECOWAS to re-address the issue of conflict management, peacemaking, peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction, conflict prevention and early-warning. In 2008, as part of ECOWAS commitment towards restoring peace after conflicts, good governance and sustainable development, they came up with the ECOWAS Conflict Prevention Framework (ECPF). This study therefore attempts to shed light on the controversial issues and challenges before the ECOWAS vis-à-vis the mechanism for conflict prevention, management and resolution in the sub-region. If by design or omission ECOWAS and other stakeholders are increasingly expected by the international community to take more responsibility for peace and security in West African sub-region, what must the organisation put in place in order to be able to successfully manage and prevent conflict in the sub-region? Again, has the ECOWAS acted as an effective regulator of conflict management, taking into consideration its peace building efforts in West Africa? Keywords: Security, Peace, Development, Sub-Region, Insurgency, Conflict Management, Peace Building, Conflict

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The role of regional economic communities for political and security issues