Accepted Paper:

Re-crafting indexical issues: a spherology of feminisms explicated by visual means  


Amanda Windle (University of the Arts London)

Paper short abstract:

This paper is a walk through a multiplicity of feminisms, that constitute a spherology of being-in something. By way of data visualisation the indexicality to a philosophy of spheres is disentangled through a craft of alchemy to uncover a spherology of feminisms.

Paper long abstract:

The ways academics are indexed and use indexes matter because systems of indexicality (citations, bibliography, endnotes, and references) shape the way we casually speak and move about the world. What follows is an account of the systemic practice of indexicality in the Spheres index at the back of the 'Spheres' trilogy ([1998-2004] 2011-2016). From Donna Haraway (2017) through to Karla Poewe (2018) multiple feminisms matter. Initially, I approached indexicality as a counting matter, to show how Peter Sloterdijk is primarily negligible towards women, and the vulnerable. Creating a diagrammatic index of disciplinarity I then consider, which themes and metaphors are supported by whom and just how in-depth or global are the references to their respective disciplines? I caution at the optimism to create new tools in the digital and show how various new systems of indexicality might repeat rather than disentangle distortions in design oration. Voronoi diagrams are chosen over Venn diagrams because of the prevalence of casual sexism implied in the presentation and oration of the Venn diagram.

Panel B09
Feminist figures: crafting intersections in theory and practice