Accepted paper:

What is a dog able to do? Producing a new cosmopolitan antropozoogenesis in Chilean cities


Arthur Arruda Ferreira
Jimena Carrasco (Universidade Austral do Chile)

Paper short abstract:

The aim of this work is to reflect about singular antropozoogenesis blending dogs-and-humans through a foreign and ethnographical experience. For that, I will propose some concepts as: 1) interespecies citizenship/socialism; 2) reciprocal domestication/care; and 3) domestic cosmopolitism.

Paper long abstract:

The old spinozian question (what are bodies able to do?) can be translated and modified by some contemporary authors, such as Vinciane Despret: 1) What would animals be capable of if we changed their conditions?; 2) What would animals say if we proposed good questions? An interesting and truly empirical way to explore these questions can be seen in Chilean cities with a quite peculiar actor: street dogs. We have some interesting stories presented through a foreign perspective, David Byrne is one of them. As a Brazilian with frequent passages through different Chilean cities, I constructed a foreign ethnographical perspective that allows me to reflect on some singular aspects of this singular antropozoogenesis blending dogs-and-humans. The aim of this work is to reflect about this collective experience through some concepts. In this sense, I would like to sustain that: 1) this experience produces a new kind of citizenship because it does not only happen in different cities but also involves rights and laws (e.g, Cholito law); 2) it creates a kind of reciprocal care and domestication that involves feeding, playing and occupying very different public spaces (markets, classes, protests, plazas...); 3) it produces a type of domestic cosmopolitism because it brings the possibility of relationships based on open trust without any priority of some groups (like ecological ones) or territories. In short, it is possible to say that it creates a kind of an interspecies socialism that was present during both Pinochet dictatorship and Allende human socialism.

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More-than-human mobilities