Accepted Paper:

Multi-history for computation  


Narrira Lemos de Souza (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Nayara Cristina Carneiro de Araujo

Paper short abstract:

This paper aims to discuss the history of computer science focused on the exclusion of women on this subject and it also looks for new ways of making this scientific field.

Paper long abstract:

This paper is about the history of women on Computer Science. Despite the Computer Science's institutionalisation had happened in the end of 60s, in the United States, this field of research and applications involved lots of scientists, which were known as computers. These women's work consisted on activities as database programming and, many times, were referenced as a sub-work. They were placed as supporting and it didn't happen only on Computer Science, but it is part of scientific subjects in general, and it is a problem of what feminists are struggling to re-frame: the problem of a single history, based on male and capitalists principles. On the trails of colonialism, we see that the Brazilian history is not different, neither we don't find female reference on Computer Science, as well on other subjects such as mathematics or technology. To escape from this restrict unity, I'll talk, on this paper, about technology as an open concept of "ways of (...)" in which there is multiple possibilities to talk about multiple histories and multiple characters. On this way, my intention is to look for empty places on which the origin concepts on the Computer Science can be re-setup starting with feminists and situated problems. Therefore, this paper aims to work on a preliminary project to re-think the history about how women were portrayed and excluded of the computation history, especially the history of computation in Brazil.

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Making Worlds: Feminist STS and everyday technoscience