Accepted Paper:

How norms and standards in biotherapy play promising game?   


Vincent Deplaigne (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)

Paper short abstract:

The regime of techno-scientific promises is probably one of the most prominent in biotherapy technologies especially through genomic knowledge. We study how standards and norms shape part of biomedical science articulated on the paradigm of predictive medicine.

Paper long abstract:

This article analyses the way medicine of precision built on prediction and personalized concepts are linked to the regime of promises. For instance, such a study has been accomplished and illustrated for anti-ageing product (Dalagarrondo et al. 2015). We consider here biomedicalization (Clarke et al. 2003, 2010) as a general context allowing and fostering expectations in new genomic medicine. We focus on the interplay of standards and norms in the field of genomic technologies used in biotherapy. The technical practices and using of norms and standards in genomic are framing a vision for both patient and therapist team. However, those results are highly codified and transformed by media industry to be pushed towards bio-subject as people sensitive to health concerns due to illness pre-disposition known or supposed because of behavior or life style. We will see what are knowledge process searching for reducing uncertainty and associated risks as well, through normativity. In the field of life sciences and medicine the paradigm of promises calls a new meaning of temporality while patient hopes is high and promises held are not understood in the same way by stakeholders especially in biomedicine where pace of innovation is high. We scrutinize how are articulated and self reinforcing items of promises paradigm and technologies of governmentality (Lemke, 2012) channeled by bundle of standards and norms.

Panel T094
Emerging science and technology : questioning the regime of promising