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Accepted Paper:

Tracking the footprints of innovative public engagement  
Mikko Rask (University of Helsinki) Luciano d'Andrea (LSC) Loreta Tauginiene Saule Maciukaite-Zviniene

Paper short abstract:

In this paper we propose the study of ‘PE footprints’ as a new way to map the imprints of public engagement processes in research and politics. Such mapping contributes to the evaluation of the key players, resources, outcomes, and success factors of such activities.

Paper long abstract:

Public engagement (PE) is strong movement contributing in various ways to research and innovation (R&I) activities. What makes this current so strong is that there is an intensified bottom-up movement for PE, as a high number of non-profit organisations promote PE initiatives through voluntary action. At the same time, PE is the heart and spirit of responsible research and innovation (RRI), promoted by the European Commission. Yet PE is also a fragile process. In particular, it is expected to structurally change practices and governance of European research institutions, but in most cases it seems unable, at least partially, to play the transformative role EC has assigned to it. There seems to be a mismatch between expectations and reality, and perhaps the world of feasibility. In this paper we propose the study of 'PE footprints' as a new way to map the imprints of PE processes in the broad landscape of R&I activities. Such mapping is important in order to understand what kinds of actions will be imported through PE processes, what are the key players, resources mobilized, outcomes achieved, and what issues contribute to the success or failure of such activities. In this paper we will discuss the new methodological approach and present the results of a study of 38 innovative PE processes that we identified in the EU funded PE2020 project. We will reflect the strengths and limitations of the new approach, and discuss the challenges and promises of PE as a tool for renewing governance of R&I.

Panel T086
Rethinking innovation and governance
  Session 1 Thursday 1 September, 2016, -