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Accepted Paper:

Innovation with the Future: European experiments with reinventing the future  
Jim Dratwa (European Commission and Woodrow Wilson Center)

Paper short abstract:

Following the notion of 'innovation' in the field in the EU institutions, this paper scrutinises the ontology or modes of existence of the future, how the future is 'made in Europe'. The inquiry is conducted on four fronts: innovation policy; future studies; embedded practices; role of values.

Paper long abstract:

This paper scrutinises the ways in which the future is made on the terrain of the EU institutions, following in particular the mobilisation and shaping of the notion of 'innovation'.

It explores the relations of the European Union -of the European project- with the future, with the very undertaking of constructing futures. In doing so it brings together STS literature and Future studies. The inquiry is conducted on four fronts, thus scrutinising:

1) The explicit endeavour to elicit new strides and narratives for innovation and innovation policy (including in relation to social innovation; systems innovation; open innovation; and with the attendant rise of the innovation principle counterpointed with the precautionary principle).

2) The specific activities of a foresight and future studies nature in the EU institutions.

3) The developing and standardised practices of future-making integrated in the administrative and regulatory processes.

4) The role of values and of the institutionalisation of ethics.

The focus on this fourth 'values/ethics' dimension pertains to the evolving role it is given in governing innovation (norming or validating which social values, imaginaries and innovations should go along) but also to the openings it carries in terms of innovating governance (innovating or stabilising the forms and processes of governance performed in those institutions), indeed extending to the by-and-in-design dialectics and, in turn, through to the innovation of values and 'Europes' themselves.

Panel T086
Rethinking innovation and governance
  Session 1 Thursday 1 September, 2016, -