Accepted paper:

«We lack technical poets»: towards a techno-aesthetical education


Emerson Freire (UNICAMP and Centro Paula Souza)

Paper short abstract:

Simondon said that "we lack technical poets" in his interview on Mechanology. In a letter addressed to Jacques Derrida he inquires why not founding a techno-aesthetics. This study aims to explore the techno-aesthetics concept applied to education to provide technical poets to a metastable society.

Paper long abstract:

Simondon believed that "we lack technical poets", as he said in an interview on Mechanology. In a never finished and sent letter addressed to Jacques Derrida concerning the foundation of the Collège International de Philosophie, Simondon inquires why not founding or axiomatizing a techno-aesthetics. For Simondon, technique and aesthetics should not be separated. But also, it should not be just an addition operation, technique plus aesthetics. From several examples throughout his letter, from Le Corbusier to Eiffel, through car engines, tools, to the Mona Lisa, Simondon explains his techno-aesthetic concept shifting the question from a contemplative beauty to a kind of beauty of the invention. It is not only the technical object that is beautiful but the singular and remarkable point of the world, as he specifies. That's when the figure finds an appropriated background, where technicity should operate in a sense that technical object could express the world. Poetics can be found in this type of invention, which needs a technical intuition to be achieved. Briefly, invention conceived from a socio-political point of view through technicity and intuition. In this sense, an alternative change of direction to deal with the problems of the present metastable society (as opposed to that stable one carried out by the nineteenth century industrialization) requires also an educational process, formal or not, that could provide technical poets (not only specialists). This study aims from a bibliographical review perspective to explore the techno-aesthetics concept applied to education in a social metastable context.

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Contributions of Gilbert Simondon to Science and Technology Studies