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Accepted Paper:

Provocations (on Queer Media)  
George Hoagland (Minneapolis College of Art and Design)

Paper short abstract:

Hoagland presents three provocations on queer media. First, queer media projects and analyses center the question “How queer is it?” Second, queer media consumers develop “camp” reading practices. Third, students of queer media must identify “queer looks” that are the basis of new media critiques.

Paper long abstract:

• Queer media is a collection of queer-identified media projects and analysis of media texts centered on the question "How queer is it?" Queer media has a print, digital, and broadcast history and has always intervened in social justice movements through radical means.

• Queer media consumers are media producers who develop "camp" reading practices when they choose technology platforms, invent representational strategies, and build horizontal networks.

• Students of queer media must learn to identify "queer looks" that are the basis of new media critiques and that precede new digital technologies for social networking, productivity, and digital art.

Panel T119
Queer STS?: A Roundtable Discussion on Theory, Method, and Institutionalization
  Session 1 Saturday 3 September, 2016, -