Accepted Paper:

Hermeneutics of Science and Numbers: Nature Speaks Mathematics  


Chandrima Christiansen (TU Dresden)

Paper Short Abstract:

Science uses mathematics as a tool to conceptualise Nature and Phenomena.Technology interprets science to extend the observational scope to capture visuals and promulgate perceptual conjectures.This inductive circle is a dynamic constant defining the embedding of Science and Technology in Society.

Paper long abstract:

My conference paper, in tune with the theme 'Hermeneutics: 'Let Nature and Material Things Speak' attempts to 'hear' Nature speak Mathematics. Occurrences in nature, have since time immemorial been observed and conceptualised. The observations have not only been visible observable visuals and phenomena, but also perceptual conjectures. Science, with mathematics as its tool conceptualises 'Nature' along with its ongoing processes and constituents, to arrive at a theory that captures nature speaking a universal language in order to dispel interpretational relativity and universalise scientific knowledge. Technology, then takes over to engineer processes that translate knowledge to further refine and extend the scope of listening to 'Nature'. The cycle of observation, conceptualisation and instrumentation that begins with Nature interacting with Mankind, with Man being an element of Nature itself, ends with Nature again starting the cycle, with perceptual reality not witnessing a completion at any observable point of time. The infinite continuity of this cycle is a constant, characterised by a dynamic infinity, that defines the embedding of Science and Technology in Society, with Nature as a cosmic 'whole'.

The methodology will be to demonstrate the patterns inherent in the elements of nature, that reflect mathematical numericals, which in turn have been instrumental in the interpretation of the growth civilisation and cultures. The paper is a pantheistic attempt to visualise the intrinsic weave of mathematics in the intertwined weave of structures and processes of science and technology in society, that lends a voice to nature as an encompassing 'whole'.

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Hermeneutics: 'let Nature and Material Things speak' with Don Ihde