Accepted Paper:

Baroque Ontology and its Ambivalence. Political Form of Catholic Church Rizomatic Ontology   


Andrzej Wojciech Nowak (Adam Mickiewicz University)

Paper short abstract:

In STS/ANT we observe ‘baroque turn’ within ontological turn (Kwa, Law). Following STS-State analysis and STS approach to governmentality (Guzik) I will show ambivalence of “rhizomatic” opportunistic, baroque un-modern ontology of catholic church as alternative to “container” ontology of State.

Paper long abstract:

Neoliberal regimes erodes bases of State-container ability to reproduce, it is important to look for possible future alternatives - Negri and Hard proposed renovation of concept of Empire, I would like to show another alternative - ontology of catholic church.

In STS/ANT we can observe 'baroque turn' within ontological turn (Kwa, Law). I would like to examine alternative to State forms of installing social order. In my effort I am following STS-State analysis (Passoth, Rowlands) and STS approach to governmentality (Guzik). I would like to show that "rhizomatic" ontology of catholic church forms alternative to "container" ontology of State (Taylor, Nowak). I will focus on specific ontology of Catholic Church and its "political form". Rhizomatic ontology of catholic church and its regimes of governmentality is not based on "modern constitution" (Latour). Following Schmitt I describe it as flexible opportunism of baroque. I will show that this un-modern strategy of stabilisation of power and society shows enormous survivability. I would like to examine what can we learn from it to create our communities and futures. Catholic ontology shows also political ambivalence of such baroque, heterogeneities (Law) forms of governmentality - it can be observe in a way how it adapted to Pinochet and Liberation Theology, to Santa Muerte and Catholic Intellectuals). As a result would like to show that we should learn from Catholic Church how to establish baroque networks (ontology) but we should be "modern again" to fight against opportunism of such ontology.

Panel T036
Social Studies of Politics: Making Collectives By All Possible Means