Accepted Paper:

Is Science the new Politics of the Anthropocene?  


David Chandler (University of Westminster)

Paper short abstract:

Latour argues that the politics of the Anthropocene depends upon the science of intricate tracing of feedback loops and their sensing, this paper explores both the meaning of science and politics in these conditions.

Paper long abstract:

This paper suggests that the late Latour has an understanding of science and of politics which merges both the Houses of the Modern Constitution and flattens their meaning. The science of calling to account for the unintended consequences of our actions, through the tracing and sensing of loops of feedback effects, is the science of datafication, making the unseen seeable. Latour suggests that new technological advances enable a new empirical sociology to emerge without the need for abstraction and generalisation; that the 'what is' of the world can be finally given its due. This paper will question whether Latour achieves his aim of moving beyond the modern episteme and, if so, the consequences of so doing.

Panel T023
Science Is Politics by Other Means Revisited