Accepted Paper:

Making Europe through the lens of technology  


Johan Schot (University of Sussex)

Paper long abstract:

This paper will discuss and reflect a large research program, of which the paper proposer has been program leader, which aimed at writing of a new history of Europe. The history has two manifestations. First, the writing of a six volume book series (monographs) by 13 authors (see The books are published in the period 2014-2015. Second, the development of a Digital European Science and Technology Museum, for teaching purposes, in collaboration with 10 science museums (see

The basic assumption of the program is that the politics of Europe is the politics of technology as much as anything else, and that given the growing emphasis on innovation by the EU as one of its identity markets, it is now is the opportune time to explore technology's historical role in the creation of Europe. In this history the authors follow a broad variety of actors who made and unmade Europe. The history documents users who constructed Europe by appropriating and consuming a wide range of technologies. It also focuses on technical and scientific experts who created standards, infrastructures, institutions and knowledge networks which had far-reaching implications for European integration.

The paper will be a personal reflection on how various concepts and ideas developed within STS, innovation studies, and history of technology shaped the process of research, writing, teaching, and website creation. If accepted, the paper author intends to bring a number of his co-workers (authors) in order to provide additional reflections and inputs to the discussion.

Panel K2
Cross-breeding science and technology studies and innovation studies