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Accepted Contribution:

Imagining future extremes. Arts as a vehicle for interrogating the complexity of climate change  
Irene Ortega

Short abstract:

Artistic exploration can function as an educative tool for cultivating collective dialogue about a physical phenomenon as wide, complex and unfathomable as climate change that includes scientific contributions, through the creation of fictions, shock, discomfort, and affective mobilization.

Long abstract:

Climate on the Tightrope: Imagining Future Extremes is a multidisciplinary research and educational initiative developed by an interdisciplinary team composed of artists and physicists. The artistic team comprises educators from the Pedagogical Museum of Children's Art (MuPAI), a university museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, dedicated to childhood artistic expression and research projects in art pedagogy. The scientific team consists of the Meteolab Group, researchers, and professors from the Faculty of Physical Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid, focused on the dissemination of climate phenomena.

The core hypothesis of the project posits that art can function as a tool for generating knowledge, facilitating reflection and instigating inquiry into physical phenomena as broad and complex as climate change. Thus, artistic research is view as a means to cultivate collective dialogue about it, through shock, discomfort, and affective mobilization.

Implementation of the project includes a series of artistic workshops conducted in educational institutions. These workshops aim to collectively craft an art installation envisioning the aftermath of real impacts resulting from extreme atmospheric phenomena induced by climate change. The discomfort arising from the artistic capacity to construct fictional narratives and transform shared imaginaries prompts critical questioning of the physical reality underlying these phenomena, engaging a dialogue with the scientific team, wherein artistic exploration actively contributes to and propels the scientific reflection. Consequently, this collaboration becomes the catalyst for generating questions, fostering doubts, facilitating dialogues, and encouraging reflective and creative analysis concerning these climate-related events.

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Creative partners? Repositioning the arts in transdisciplinary collaborations
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