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Accepted Contribution:

Peer review as a generous practice: a discussion on nurturing alternative methods for collaborative peer-reviewing artistic research  
Sofia Grigoriadou (Panteion University) Loukia Limperi Oraiopoulou (Complutense University of Madrid) alkistis papadaki (Athens School of Fine Arts) Persefoni Myrtsou (Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin)

Long abstract:

The proposed contribution is a video collage that presents an experimental methodology for peer reviewing and support in interdisciplinary, collaborative contexts for artistic research.

The methodology was developed by a group of PhD candidates who conducted artistic research and participated in a six-month online workshop in 2022, organized by artist and anthropologist Elpida Rikou in the context of or.artspace and TWIXTlab, a laboratory between art, anthropology and the everyday in Athens. We were all at different stages of our doctoral research, which we considered a lonely process. We were also working in different fields. However, we all used artistic practice as a methodology.

Through a series of regular meetings, we discussed our individual research and writing progress, and developed alternative methods of peer review, outside the academic norm, to address some of the key questions each of us was facing. This process not only helped us cope with the challenges of being an artist in academic contexts but also advanced our work. We developed a framework for sharing our texts, works, and inquiries, while critically approaching them in a safe space. We discussed doubts, confusion, drives, desires, research goals, and methodological issues together, blurring the lines between the strictly academic context of review, personal dialogue, and practices of care.

This video presentation features excerpts from the recorded Zoom dialogues, along with notes and narration, and presents a transformative methodology of care and generosity for the development of academic artistic research.

Combined Format Open Panel P245
Artistic Research As Generous Practice
  Session 1