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Accepted Contribution:

Co-designing with older adults transparent and ethical implementation of AI assistive technologies  
Sarah Campbell (University of Bristol)

Short abstract:

AI-based assistive technologies are burgeoning. Yet the knowledge, understanding and perspectives about these technologies are highly varied among older adults. We explored these, and co-designed implementation of AI into a community-building system with older adults, emphasising informed choice.

Long abstract:

We have worked with older adults to understand their views on artificial intelligence (AI), particularly AI’s use in assistive technology systems in the ageing space. Our project focussed on three types of AI: generative AI (image and text); speech recognition and diarisation; natural language processing (NLP) of transcripts in order to perform summarisation. We critically explored the range of knowledge, understanding and perspectives about these technologies within this population, characterised by strong suspicion and concerns about privacy and scams. We explored changes in perceptions through engaging with demos of these technologies, co-designing how implementation could bring benefits and foster trust. The issues of bias in the models were explored and challenged, showing how these models currently are not fit-for-purpose for ageing audiences. We co-designed flexible privacy options, to demonstrate what ethical, transparent and informed choice could look like when designing with these technologies. This included co-producing a simple, icon-based information sheet to understand what happens to user data. We will present brief lay summaries to explain the technologies, followed by discussion of our findings from each stage of our exploration. We will then run an AI-facilitated conversation demo to showcase what was highlighted in through our work. We will discuss what we believe from our work with older adults are the important considerations when implementing these technologies with these, and other, populations.

Combined Format Open Panel P313
Making and doing ageing and technology
  Session 2 Thursday 18 July, 2024, -