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Accepted Paper:

Remaking menopause: an exploratory analysis about digital technologies and menopause  
Safak Kilictepe (Kirsehir Ahi Evran University)

Short abstract:

By using a mixed method approach and intersectionality framework, this research analyses the relationship between digital technologies and knowledge production about menopause in the context of Turkiye.

Long abstract:

This research endeavors to examine the dynamic correlation between digital technologies and the knowledge production about menopause in Turkiye. There has been a discernible change in the production, consumption, and dissemination of menopause-related information with the growing ubiquity of digital platforms in the country. This has reshaped our understandings about menopause in new and various ways. I employ a mixed-methods approach, and intersectionality framework, to examine the various narratives around menopause by examining Internet forums, social media conversations, healthcare websites, and social media accounts posting menopause related content. This research reveals the complex interactions that exist between digital technologies, cultural norms, and the knowledge production about menopause. Doing so, this study contributes to the theories of STS about technology and the body, enhancing our comprehension of the influence of digital technologies on the distribution of body-related information and the development of viewpoints regarding menopause within the Turkish milieu.

Traditional Open Panel P290
Sociotechnical transformations of health care: practices of objectivations, knowledge translation and new forms of agency
  Session 1 Friday 19 July, 2024, -