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Accepted Contribution:

The Wonders of the Forest: a journey of self-discovery across nature, sound and time  
Diana Milena Acosta Cruz

Short abstract:

This classical music performance becomes a journey through the forest, like a tale supported by interdisciplinary tools, such as a narrator, projected images and electronic sounds. The audience will forget the usual expectations of classical music and will rediscover the music itself again.

Long abstract:

Old-fashioned, distant, difficult… This is the typical perception of classical music nowadays. Even the music written in our frenetic century, our contemporary music, struggles to find opportunities in concert programs because the audience, and even musicians, consider it incomprehensible and not beautiful anymore. How can modern musicians deliver the true essence of music? How can they create accessible, enjoyable and surprising performances?

The Wonders of the Forest is a musical performance that allows the audience to engage again with classical music thanks to its focus on the powerful artistic concept of the performance: giving priority to the theme and supporting it with innovative performance elements, such as storytelling, visuals and electronic sounds.

The structure of the performance is a tale through the forest, a journey to discover oneself across nature, sound and time. It has a unique repertoire selection, including cutting-edge contemporary pieces with electronics (synchronization of specially recorded tracks with piano live performance), original script and image design made by the pianist of the project, and live narration of the story.

The listeners will smoothly follow this beautiful allegoric story of transformation with impactful and unforgettable moments, such as the birds in the forest, the bells or the rain tree. But at the same time, subtly and unconsciously, they will experience a journey through more than a century of classical music, from late romanticism to the exciting 21st century, while listening to contemporary music without pressure or prejudices.

Approximate duration between 20-30min

Classical piano performance

Combined Format Open Panel P268
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