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Accepted Paper:

Fostering futures literacies: insights from Futurium's approach  
Stefanie Holzheu (Futurium gGmbH)

Short abstract:

This case study delves into strategies for fostering Futures Literacies at Futurium, aimed at empowering visitors in shaping futures. Through Mobil Futurium and Futures Boxes, we uncover the synergy of futures thinking and STS in education.

Long abstract:

Established in September 2019 in Berlin, Germany, Futurium, the House of Futures, is an institution committed to the exploration of possible futures. Its guiding question for all approaches to future topics is: How do we want to live? The promotion of future competencies has emerged as a pivotal endeavour of Futurium. This case study delves into a practical approach to cultivating futures literacies, a significant component of the broader exploration of futures within Science and Technology Studies (STS). Informed by practical experiences, expert discussions, and literature reviews, Futurium's approach to Futures Literacies emphasizes the multiplicity and diversity inherent in potential future outcomes and scenarios. It acknowledges the absence of a universal set of future-oriented skills and knowledge, recognizing that cultural subtleties influence the understanding of the future.

This case study categorizes five domains that contribute to Futures Literacies at Futurium, with a particular focus on understanding and navigating futures. These domains encompass thinking of futures, shaping futures, resilience, creative mindset, and scientific thinking. Through these domains, Futurium aims to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of diverse futures, promoting adaptability, critical thinking, and creativity.

The case study further illustrates this approach by using the example of Mobil Futurium and Futures Boxes, showcasing how Futurium actively promotes Futures Literacies within the framework of the five domains. By examining these cases, we shed light on the intersection of futures thinking and STS, highlighting the practical implications of fostering futures literacies in educational settings.

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