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Accepted Contribution:

Addressing racialized mistrust in video campaigns promoting COVID-19 vaccines to racially minoritized people in the UK  
Andrew Smart (Bath Spa University) Ros Williams (University of Sheffield) Kate Weiner (University of Sheffield) Lijiaozi Cheng (The University of Sheffield) Francesca Sobande (Cardiff University)

Short abstract:

We analyse 10 promotional videos that appealed to racially minoritized people in the UK to take the COVID-19 vaccine. We consider how racialized mistrust in biomedical science was addressed, and reflect on the challenges facing communicators who seek to confront this issue.

Long abstract:

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a video was aired across all major UK broadcasters in an unprecedented TV moment. The video featured public figures who were appealing to racially minoritized (e.g., Black and Asian) people to take the COVID-19 vaccine. This video, and a number of others like it, were justice-oriented; they reflected a ‘community’ response to racially minoritized people’s greater risk of contracting COVID-19, and concern about under-engagement with vaccination programmes. This paper aims to explore what these videos revealed about racialized mistrust in science and how it was addressed. Our content analysis of 10 videos suggests that mistrust was confronted in a largely superficial manner, with little attention given to the underlying issues or reasonings. We argue that mistrust in this context became a signifier for shared concerns and experiences, which was used to establish a ‘mutuality’ between the public figures that appeared in the videos and the supposed audience. We discuss how this approach may be understandable, given the nature and context of these science communications, but it is nevertheless limited for dealing with the complex and differentiated nature of racialized mistrust

Combined Format Open Panel P048
Justice-oriented science communication research: sharing knowledge, building a network (papers and discussion workshop)
  Session 3 Tuesday 16 July, 2024, -