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Accepted Contribution:

Notes from a South African Research Agenda on Science Communication for Social Justice  
Mehita Iqani

Short abstract:

This presentation will share notes from the South African Research Chair in Science Communication, which is undertaking a range of research projects on the theme of "science communication for social justice".

Long abstract:

The South African Research Chair in Science Communication is funded by the National Research Foundation and has a responsibility to undertake critical research in the public interest. Since 2022, the focus of the research has been "science communication for social justice". A number of action research projects in the field of creative communications have been imagined and implemented. Alongside these, a number of "issues-driven" research projects aiming to explore the role of communications in stitching together scientific evidence with social justice issues are underway. Current projects are in the realm of climate and environment, including work on waste, river rejuvenation, ocean pollution, and climate attitudes, as well as in the realm of health and happiness, including work on obesity, motherhood, malnutrition and food cultures. Our creative communications projects span audio, visual, and creating writing experiments. This presentation will share some notes of these various works in progress as a basis for considering what role science communication research could play in advancing social justice and equity in South Africa, and for thinking through how researchers can move to integrate radical, decolonial, and progressive politics into the heart of science communication. These notes might be of interest to colleagues working in countries with similar socio-economic, political and cultural features.

Combined Format Open Panel P048
Justice-oriented science communication research: sharing knowledge, building a network (papers and discussion workshop)
  Session 2 Tuesday 16 July, 2024, -