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Accepted Contribution:

Art games for society transformation: “promise me” and “eat me eat me not”  
Manuela Viezzer

Short abstract:

We will play and discuss “Promise Me” and “Eat Me Eat Me Not”, two persuasive art games exploring themes of intensive farming, animal exploitation and veganism, which make use of Promise cards as a design feature to enhance impact on player behaviour after game sessions.

Long abstract:

The development of “Promise Me” and “Eat Me Eat Me Not” is part of a larger artistic research project investigating how to design art games that can be used to help humans make kin with the nonhuman others with whom we share Earth. Both games are persuasive games for sustainability, because they embed design features creating a direct link between the play world and the real world, and because of themes of their storylines. “Promise Me” has also been used as a test-case to investigate how to increase players’ responsibility towards a game topic, in collaboration with the gaming department of the TUDelft, with encouraging results.

During the combined format open panel on "Creative partners? Repositioning the arts in transdisciplinary collaborations" I will reflect on my transdisciplinary collaboration with the TUDelft researchers, reporting on the results of the test-case study and their impact on the further development of my artistic practice. I will also set up the two art games and involve the panel participants in playing a few game sessions followed by short debrief sessions. The debrief sessions will focus on how the players perceive their own game choices (both games allow for role playing), the game storyline, and the game mechanics. Part of the discussion will address how the combination of art and gaming techniques not only facilitates the communication among stakeholders, but also has the potential to enact societal transitions.

Combined Format Open Panel P268
Creative partners? Repositioning the arts in transdisciplinary collaborations
  Session 3