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Accepted Contribution:

Leveraging artificial intelligence to combat ageism  
Gustavo Sugahara (DINĂ‚MIA'CET-ISCTE-IUL)

Long abstract:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an overarching term that encompasses the ability of machines to imitate human intelligence. It signifies the pinnacle of advancements in the era of information and telecommunications. The potential is as vast as the concerns surrounding it. In the current balance between capital and labor, it is more likely that AI will be used to accelerate our existing tasks, thereby magnifying any systematic errors already present. As described by Carlota Perez, each technological paradigm shift introduces new methods of production, work, transportation, communication, and lifestyle. Each generation perceives itself as the epitome of progress and comfort, while considering previous lifestyles as obsolete and regressive. This theoretical article explores the potential to deploy AI to actively fight against ageism. I begin by exploring what the current developments reveal about AI prospects in the making of old age. This implies acknowledging that not only has capitalist production always involved a separation of knowledge, but also that the mechanization of intelligence has always been a part of labor division. I proceed to delve into the particularities of the current technological revolutions, namely the unprecedented demographic conditions and the fact that the current machine learning models are unique in that they embody human discourse within machinery. Additionally, this article also aims to increase public and scientific awareness of the potential negative impact of continuing to roll out language models in a context of pervasive ageism.

Combined Format Open Panel P313
Making and doing ageing and technology
  Session 1