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Accepted Contribution:

The promises and limits of 'academic bullying' as concept for community governance and restorative justice  
Lee Vinsel (Virginia Tech)

Short abstract:

This talk will explore one framework for thinking about academic bullying, examining both its promises for increasing justice and its potential limits.

Long abstract:

In this talk, I will outline the framework of my Virginia Tech colleague Bryan Hanson's training program "Disrupting Academic Bullying," which seeks to offer tools to challenge forms of emotional and other forms of abuse in academic programs. As one graduate educator at Virginia Tech put it, "Academic bullying manifests itself in many different ways and can include intimidation, humiliation, belittlement, embarrassment and undermining one’s authority." Frameworks of academic bullying can provide essential tools for conceptualizing hardships you or others are facing and providing potential avenues for collective action. There are, however, also clear limits to such frameworks. Most of all, while we can think about social structures that support and enable people to be brave, speaking up and calling out bullies requires even people with very secure jobs to be brave, and, too often, the virtue of bravery appears to be in short supply.

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