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Food security: challenges and adaptation for smallholder farmers in the face of climate change 
Jiayan Lin (University of Oregon)
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Traditional Open Panel

Short Abstract:

The vulnerability of smallholder farmers is exacerbated by climate change. How are they coping? The panel aims to explore the interactions between smallholder farmers' resilience, political economy, environmental sustainability and food security in the context of climate change and its implications.

Long Abstract:

Smallholder farmers play a critical role in food production, with a large body of literature showing that they account for at least one-third of the world's food supply. As scholars call for a slowdown in large-scale agricultural development and a greater focus on regionalized smallholder production, we need to pay more attention to the vulnerability of smallholders to market fluctuations. This vulnerability is exacerbated by climate change, including rising temperatures, erratic rainfall, extreme weather events, pest and disease outbreaks, and land degradation. How are smallholder farmers responding to these challenges and adapting to changing conditions? How are their adaptation strategies influenced by the political-economic structures that shape their access to resources and markets?

This panel aims to explore these questions by examining the complex and dynamic interactions between political-economic structures, smallholder farmers, environmental sustainability, and food security in the context of climate change. Drawing on empirical evidence from different countries and regions, the panel will discuss these implications for research, policy, and technology practice to enhance smallholder farmers' resilience and food security.

Accepted papers:

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