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Accepted Paper:

"The otherside aplec": neighbourhood memory as a cry against gentrification and urbanization pressure in Barcelona.  
Guillermo Aguirre Núñez (Universitat de Barcelona)

Paper Short Abstract:

This study examines a music parade that took place in Barcelona in the summer of 2023 to commemorate the death of a local singer. The route significantly went from the gentrified neighbourhood of Gràcia towards the neighbouring area of Vallcarca, without permission from the city council.

Paper Abstract:

In the summer of 2023, a parade was made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of Uri Caballero, a local singer from Vallcarca neighbourhood in Barcelona. "The otherside aplec" or the "Urimpíades" (a pun with the singer’s name and the Olympic Games), consisted of a music parade led by a truck and it included punk, electronic music and rumba bands. It intentionally started, without permission from the city council, at the gentrified neighbourhood of Gràcia and went on towards the core square of Vallcarca, a neighbouring area, where it finished with a live concert with several bands. It was advertised as a mysterious and hilarious derive that would challenge the district of Gràcia's and Barcelona’s oppression towards the small resistant area of Vallcarca, known for its strong community ties and its constant fight against urbanization pressure.

This study explores the insurgent parade that took place under extraordinary heat conditions in July as some sort of liturgy with very recognisable traits against common issues in Barcelona such as tourism and gentrification. It examines the parade's route and its particular stops in various symbolic spots along the way, but also the musicians involved, the audience attending the event and their practices during the celebration, as well as the promotion and organisation of the action. Within a long period of absence of visible and generalised social protest in Barcelona, the parade was seen by many of the assistants as a small reminder of past riots and fights against the local authorities.

Panel P192
Rituals against gentrification: drama, performance and religious practices in spaces of urban conflict
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