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Accepted Paper:

Embodied Faith: Material Religion and Egyptian Diaspora - An Ethnographic Analysis  
Eslam Alaa Abdelshafy ElBahlawan (University of Milano-Bicocca) Mawa AbdelBagi Osman Mohamed (University of Milano Bicocca)

Paper Short Abstract:

In Milan's diverse religious landscape, this article explores the interplay of migration, material culture, and religion among the Egyptian community "Muslims and Coptics". Focusing on the Egyptian diaspora, the article examines elements like the human body, dress, food, images, and artefacts.

Paper Abstract:

This article explores the intricate relationship between migration, material culture, and religion, using Milan's diverse religious landscape as a case study. As migrants carry tangible objects rich in cultural significance during their journeys, these items become bridges connecting their past and future. In Milan, a city marked by religious diversity, the Egyptian community, along with both religions Islam and Coptic Orthodox, stands out, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of religious life. Focusing on the Egyptian diaspora, the article investigates the role of religion and material culture in migration. It scrutinizes various elements, including the human body in religious practices, dress, food, images, and artefacts, shedding light on how these shape a sense of homeland within the diaspora. The article unfolds in four sections, introducing the theoretical framework, detailing the methodology, exploring material religion's role, and presenting nuanced results derived from collected data.

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Rituals against gentrification: drama, performance and religious practices in spaces of urban conflict
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