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Accepted Paper:

A (Post-) Oil Assemblage: Exploring Relational Futures in and beyond the Ecuadorian Amazon  
Julia Schwab (Justus Liebig University Giessen)

Paper Short Abstract:

This paper delves into the challenges of post-oil transition in and beyond the Ecuadorian Amazon, a post-colonial context marked by historical and geopolitical dependencies. It explores future visions of state, private, Indigenous and civil society actors based on ethnographic fieldwork since 2021.

Paper Abstract:

This paper examines the challenges of transitioning towards a post-oil life in and beyond the Ecuadorian Amazon. It emphasizes the historical-relational and geopolitical dependencies within the post-colonial context, along with internal hurdles in moving away from an oil-based development model. Using an assemblage approach, the study analyzes numerous overlapping and interconnected processes, investigating the future visions and aspirations of state, private, Indigenous, and civil society actors. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork since 2021, special attention is given to the persisting structures created by oil rents, which appear to have a lasting impact on the future – almost “sticking” to it – and the discursive contradictions emerging from this phenomenon. The paper further explores the possibilities arising from Indigenous self-determination over ancestral territories and the Amazon rainforest's unique role in global climate change mitigation, moving beyond a mere structuralist argument. By addressing these inquiries, the paper contributes to understanding the complex and contradictory dynamics of post-oil transitions in the Amazon, as well as the enduring influence of oil-related imaginaries in local life worlds.

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Life after oil? Undoing the contradictions of the energy transition [Environmental Anthropology Network (EAN)]
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