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Accepted Paper:

Responsibility in Anthropology: notes from an experience of collaborative research with Afro-Colombian artists and community leaders  
Carlos Correa Angulo (The University of Manchester)

Paper long abstract:

The paper reviews the notion of responsibility in the practice of ethnographic fieldwork with

Afro-Colombian artists and community leaders who use diverse artistic practices to fight

structural racism in Colombia in their daily contexts. Challenging structural racism through

Afro-contemporary dance and filmmaking where the children play leading roles led me to

think about: i) How can we build our positioning when we work with impoverished and

racialised communities; ii) What are the limits on narratives that can be told through artistic

expression; iii) How can we manage the issues that arise when collaborating with social

movements from our anthropological background? The experiences I will talk about arose

from my recent research as a part of the project Cultures of Anti-Racism in Latin America

(CARLA), coordinated by Prof. Peter Wade and based in the School of Social Science,

University of Manchester.

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Responsibility: Early Career Scholars Forum
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