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Accepted Paper:

With the Wind  
merve unsal genc

Paper short abstract:

With the Wind is a radio transmission. This is an excerpt of two channels: the wind coming through the instrument that I created (seen above) using found ventilation pipes and sound clips from media on the last 40 years about Taksim Square (a charged site in Istanbul, Turkey).

Paper long abstract:

With the Wind is a radio transmission. Installed on SAHA Studio’s balcony and constructed from locally-derived materials, the repurposed wind-catcher is from where the transmission is made. The transmission has two channels: the first channel is the sound of the air passing through the wind-catcher and the second is the sound recordings collected from various media channels including TV and radio from Turkey in which sets of words are collated about Taksim and its surroundings. The sound recordings are realigned constantly. The wind is utilized as an element that carries, narrates, and collects; With the Wind is added onto the already-existing infrastructure of the air vents in the studio space, with which I search for the possibility of radio transmissions to be embedded in a place. Using the method of montage to expand language, I attempt to oblige the already-existing transmissions to be reconstructed.

Panel P122b
Sound Programme: The Sounds that Bring us Together
  Session 1 Wednesday 27 July, 2022, -