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Accepted Paper:

Sun: A Sonorous Filmic Material  
Işıl Karataş (University of Vienna)

Paper short abstract:

This sound work deals with less representational methods working with the human voice that stays on top of the hierarchies of sound. By re-enacting a recorded interview, I examine the interview format as an affective space beyond the data protection laws and translation of spoken words to text.

Paper long abstract:

In my PhD research, I follow the affective and material expressions appearing from human-nonhuman interaction of art and technology by concentrating on analogue filmmaking in a digital era. With a sensory ethnographic approach and a focus on the process of "art in the making", one of my research methods is to listen to and record the sounds in the artist-run film labs in Vienna and Berlin and repair shops in Istanbul. Sounds grant me a symbiotic understanding of the relationality between complex earthly, (non)human and (non)living energies that shape historical and contemporary media ecologies.

In this sound work, I experiment with the emotional interplay between the voices of two supposedly separated categories -the researcher and the researched- by bringing them together in my voice -the ethnographer as the interpreter.

Panel P122b
Sound Programme: The Sounds that Bring us Together
  Session 1 Wednesday 27 July, 2022, -