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Accepted Paper:

"Who is this woman in the group?" Ethical and gender insights from online ethnographic research Among women from mixed families  
Alice Gaya (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Paper short abstract:

Ethical and gender dilemmas in ethnography that combines technological tools: a reflection on my participation as a researcher in the WhatsApp group of Jewish women who married Muslim men in Israel.

Paper long abstract:

Ethical dilemmas are an integral part of ethnographic research, as researchers, we make decisions based on the moral values of general society and the few rules the university dictates. There are research fields where the complexity of the research field makes it very difficult to decide on these dilemmas. In this paper, I will present the complexity of the field of research on mixed families in Israel as a conflict society. I will focus on the complexity of the lives of Jewish women who married Muslims -they were perceived as enemies to the general Jewish society. Therefore, these women often hide their Jewish identity and/or their Muslim husband. This context creates complex dilemmas for me as a researcher in the field of mixed families. In addition, I will show how participation in the WhatsApp group affects women and adds to the ethical and gender dilemmas that arise from the field of research.

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(Un)Gendered experiences in the virtual space
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