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Accepted Paper:

Aspirations for the future, making a living and production of the commons from the popular economy in Argentina  
Maria Ines Fernandez Alvarez (CITRA, CONICET-UMET FFyL, UBA)

Paper short abstract:

Based on a collaborative research with cooperatives of street vendors in Argentina, this paper explores the links between aspirations for the future, forms of value production involved in making a living and process of production of the commons that challenge notions of work and well-being(s).

Paper long abstract:

The study of aspirations and expectations for the future has gained attention in the analysis of the dynamics of contemporary capitalism, especially in relation to neoliberal and crisis processes, from an ethnographic perspective that focuses on everyday experience. This paper proposes an analysis of how aspirations and projections to the future shape processes of dispute around making a living that are embedded in a broader dynamics of production of the commons. My analysis is based on a collaborative research developed with cooperatives of street vendors in Argentina that are part of the Unión de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras de la Economía Popular (UTEP). These organizations carry out a process of dispute for rights and improvements in the living conditions of those who are part of the popular economy that can be understood as a process of production of the commons that combines modalities of collective appropriation of spaces and resources with the production of collective forms of care and well-being. From an ethnographic perspective of the common that interrogates the complex overlaps with the logics of exchange and market value, I explore the link between aspirations for the future and forms of value production involved in making a living. I ask how this process of production of the common is embedded in dynamics of capital accumulation as it contests notions of labor and well-being(s) involved in the ways of making a living that are produced in growing contexts of precariousness and dispossession that dispute the socially and legally enabled ways of producing life.

Panel P056
Social and economic imaginaries from below: alternative production and consumption initiatives as democratic challenges
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