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Accepted Paper:

Mothering and homeschooling as a way of life: A Slovenian case-study  
Manca Filak (Research center of the slovenian academy of sciences and arts, Institute for Slovenian Ethnology)

Paper short abstract:

The paper looks at homeschooling and stay-at-home mothers in Slovenia through their daily lives and practices, and by analysing the broader social and political circumstances that led to their decision to stay at home in a time of uncertainty.

Paper long abstract:

Mothering practices are linked to broader social processes and politics. At the same time, they reveal deeply intimate choices and concrete ways of engaging with everyday life and strategies. This paper addresses how mothering functions as a means of empowerment and transformation and, at the same time, as an intersection of trials for housewives or stay-at-home mothers in Slovenia who have chosen to homeschool their children. In addition to the broader social and political circumstances (e.g., the Covid crisis), I will present the individual choices of homeschooling mothers as reflected in their daily lives and practices, as well as in the practical division of labor. That is, how housework, homeschooling, and motherhood function as a way of life (namely, through routines, rhythms, organisation of tasks, and the like).

Panel P013c
Motherhood Transformed and Transforming; Discussing the role of motherhood(s) and mother work in constructing futures of hope III
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