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Accepted Paper:

Nora El Qadim  


Nora El Qadim (University Paris 8 CRESPPA-LabTop)

Paper long abstract:

Nora El Qadim is a senior lecturer of political science at University Paris 8, and a researcher at the CRESPPA-Laboratoire des Théories du Politique (LabTop) research centre. She was trained in sociology, history and political science. She is interested in the international and postcolonial dimensions of public policies. She has focused in particular on migration, mobility and border policies between Morocco and EU countries/the EU, and more recently on archival policies in Morocco and in Africa.

Panel Plenary B
Colonial legacies, Decolonial Struggles, and New Authoritarianism and Solidarities on the Rise: responses of anthropology in/of the postsocialist and postcolonial peripheries of Europe [EASA Exec]