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Accepted Paper:

Margit Feischmidt  


Margit Feischmidt (Center for Social Sciences)

Paper long abstract:

Margit Feischmidt is senior researcher at Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Minority Studies where she is currently leading the Sociology and Anthropology Department of Minority Studies Institute. She is editor in chief of Intersections: East European Journal on Society and Politics. She teaches at Institute for Communication and Media Studies, University of Pécs, Hungary. With a doctoral degree from Humboldt University and habilitation from her home university, she works on issues of migration, nationalism, ethnicity and minorities in East-Central Europe. She currently publishes about new forms of nationalism and populism, xenophobia and racism (Rocking the nation’: the popular culture of neo-nationalism. In Nations and Nationalism, with Gergő Pulay and Understanding the rise of the far right from a local perspective: Structural and cultural conditions of ethno-traditionalist inclusion and racial exclusion in rural Hungary. Identities. Global Studies in Culture and Power, with Kristóf Szombati). Currently she works with Ildikó Zakariás on pro-refugee civic action in Hungary. She also edited (together with Ludger Pries and Céline Cantat) the book Refugee Protection and Civil Society in Europe, Palgrave Macmillan.

Panel Plenary B
Colonial legacies, Decolonial Struggles, and New Authoritarianism and Solidarities on the Rise: responses of anthropology in/of the postsocialist and postcolonial peripheries of Europe [EASA Exec]